Virtual Museum Tips

  • From the main gallery, you can click on an album name to view thumbnails of its contents.
  • Click on a thumbnail to view the image at a larger size.
  • Below many images is an explanatory title.
  • At the top of each image and gallery is a button to “View Slideshow.”
  • In image view, the Next and Previous arrows at the bottom of the image may be used to go back or forward through the images in the album.
  • To return to the virtual museum, click “Virtual Museum” at the top of the page.
  • To return to the album thumbnails, click the album name at the top of the page.
  • To the right of the screen you will see a search box. You may enter a search for a specific name, place or date.
  • To the right of the screen you will see a section to search by specific terms. This will take you to another page with a list of search terms.  Clicking on the word will bring up each image tagged with that keyword. Tagging the documents is an ongoing project and not all related documents may have specific keywords entered yet.
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